About this blog

This blog contains the writings of Oisín M. Flanagan. A hack by day and a more serious thinker and writer by night. These posts are a platform for me to express puzzlement with how economics and politics are currently run. In doing so they serve a purpose to society, acting as an alternative to the Molotov cocktail.

History and economics are distinguished academic subjects. So why then are the political decisions of the world taken in such ignorance of what these disciplines have to teach us. On this blog I want to examine the failure of politicians actions but also what led them them to take these undertakings.

This I believe brings us to the heart of the matter, rarely do politicians become players in elaborate conspiracy theories. Instead their lust to make a difference in the world usually brings them bumbling onto a stage where they understand neither script nor plot. They set out with the most noble of objectives until the point where their lofty visions collide with their insatiable desire to be ‘liked’.

Here lies the great contradiction of our age, between politics and reality, is the state of the world in the early 21st century.

Email: ozflanagan@hotmail.co.uk


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